Founded in 1925, GLANZOL is based in Germany.
  The border crossing took place in 1956, and GLANZOL SARL moved first to WILLERWALD, after to FARSCHVILLER
  (57-Moselle) for the manufacture and distribution of various cleaning products:
  Furniture, households, industries, automobiles …
   The applications are diverse:
     PTFE polishs, Titanium polishs, scratches stripes, rim cleaners,
     Renovators bodywork, renovators paints and plastics, shampoos, etc …
     Non-greasy anti-rust, anti-rust polish, extra fine oil … *
     Removers, rust removers, deoxidizers, cleaners: glazing, ceramics, enamel,
     Glass-ceramic, laminate, all-metal protective polish …
     Marble works, cleaning of stainless steel tanks, ironwork, mechanics and machining of precision parts.
    But also: equestrian domain, museums, restaurants, various trades, etc …
 * Rewarded and patented products.
Reagents and flexible, we offer you studies on small and large series.
From design to distribution, GLANZOL integrates the entire supply chain,
In order to guarantee its partners innovative and adapted sales conditions.
By accompanying you in your business,
GLANZOL remains your partner for boosting your sales
And for user satisfaction